Thursday, February 02, 2006

How to answer to the tough.......,.,..,

How to Answer the Tough Interview Questions

A lot of people know how to write a resume and talk their way into an
interview. But when they get into the make or break dialogue, they
stumble upon tough questions. Below, is some advice on approaching the tough questions that interviewers like to throw at job applicants:

> > Why did you leave your last job?
> > Real answer: It sucked.
> > What you should say: I felt my talents and abilities were

> > What are your biggest weaknesses?
> > Real answer: I can't concentrate for more than five minutes, hate all
forms of authority and tend to fall asleep at my desk.
> > What you should say: I'm a workaholic. I just don't know when to put
down my work.

> > You don't seem to hold on to a job long. Why should we think you'll
stay here any longer than you've stayed elsewhere?
> > Real answer: My employers have always had a hang-up about keeping only competent employees..
> > What you should say: I'm at a point in my career where I am tired of
moving around. I really want to feel part of a team, a long-term enterprise, where I can make a contribution.

> > For all those of u aiming for job switches...............

> > How do you handle change?
> > Real answer: I deal with it everyday, unless I'm out of clean
> > What you should say: I think everyone knows that today the only constant is change. I thrive on it.
> > How do you get along with others?
> > Real answer: Fine, as long as they stay out of my face.
> > What you should say: I think the interpersonal dynamics of the
workplace can be among the most satisfying aspects of any job.

> > What does the word success mean to you?
> > Real answer: It means that I don't have to drag my sorry ass out of bed to kiss yours.
> > What you should say: Success, for me, would be knowing I am making a difference working with a team of people to make a more profitable enterprise.
> > What does the word failure mean to you?
> > Real answer: It means I continue to collect unemployment insurance.
> > What you should say: Failure? I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean. That word is not in my vocabulary.

> > Do you get along with your current boss?
> > Real answer: I get along fine, considering what kind of a malicious
person he is.
> > What you should say: I don't think I'd call him a boss; he's been more
of a mentor to me.

> > Do you ever get angry with co-workers?
> > Real answer: I don't get angry, I get even.
> > What you should say: Nothing angers me more than to see a co-worker not pulling his weight, goofing off or stealing. Yes, sometimes I do get angry with co-workers.

> > Can I contact your references?
> > Real answer: Sure, but they won't know who I am.
> > What you should say: Some of them are out of the country right now.
Maybe I can arrange to have them contact you.


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