Thursday, February 02, 2006

Its YOU........


Sure I've been loving you through all those years,
I've found hope through my fears,
cause you gave me strength to make it clear,
drying up all my tears.

Made me stand tall as tomorrow came,
we changed the rules and became the ones to reign
in a word where loving someone used to mean being insane
and tending to help getting the blame.

When I was about to sail,
you stopped me and showed me the right way
to win the shame
and admit when I fail.

You've always been there, never seemed to wanna leave,
getting away every of my insecurities,
and it's you I breathe,
every time I get lost in my anxiety.

In you I found my way home,
you gave me faith when I lost hope..
a reason to believe, someone to love..
you're everything I needed the most.

Know when I'm down and start to crawl
you'll raise me up if I'm about to fall.
You'll be right there and relieve my soul,
it'll be so light that I can soar.

Today, tomorrow and all the days that are gonna come,
for the errors I'll do and the ones I've already done,
I have a reason why I won't give up..
and it's the same that made it all start.

A reason that makes the bad turn into good,
sure I've done the best I could
cause there was so much I had to go through
just to find out the reason it's you.


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