Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Software ads..

Companies are planning to place Advts. in Televisions, Hope u would see it on the Televisions

Complan Boy -
"I am a PB boy"
Girl - "I am a PB gal"
"Badte bacho ke liye complete software - Powerbuilder"

Coca cola
"Eat bugs, Sleep bugs.....Do only debugs"

Visa Card Internet Programmer - "I got the ASP power , now u go get it!!!"

"Microsoft office -
Nothing official about it !!!"

"Software ki raksha karta hein Norton Anti virus Norton anti virus hai jaha, Software hein vahan...NORTON!"
Maggi Project Manager - I want the code today.... Programmer - 2 minutes "Programmer ka kam kare asaan, Duniya bhar me hai iski shaan... VB....VB.....VB"

"The complete software ....since 1802" - COBOL

Boost Project Manager -
"Power objects is secret of my program" Programmers - " Our programmes"

Husband -
'Thak gaya hoon mein" Wife give's him instant cofee and says " To create instant miracle....Use Oracle


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